How To Help Us Help More People

How can you get involved?

Partnerships We are always looking to expand our network and find new partners to work with. Since Online Abuse is a complex issue that requires a multi-pronged approach, we look to work together with tech companies, activists, non-profits, academics, law enforcement officers, legislators, and more. We are looking to actively establish more of the following types of relationships:

  • • Tech Companies: We have a variety of partnership opportunities available to the organizations building the infrastructure of the internet. When applicable, establishing an escalation channel that allows us to bring reports of abuse from our client directly to your safety department can help us assist our clients while helping your company enforce it's terms of service. We are available to consult on matters of policy and enforcement strategies, since we often see firsthand in great detail how they manifest through our casework.

  • • Activist Organizations As we are a small volunteer-run organization, we love to find other organizations that we can co-ordinate with. Wheither it's referrals, consulting on best practices, or collaborating on new efforts, we're always looking to partner with other people doing good work in the field of online abuse, and in related fields that interconnect with it as well.

  • • Government & Legal Institutions Our most common relationship with these partners tend to involve sharing resources and education on the issues surrounding online abuse. This is a developing field of law, and we're always looking to further the conversation surrounding this aspect, both by sharing what we've learned and hearing about the current challenges and issues that lawmakers face.

This list is by no means exhaustive - as we grow in response to an ever-evolving challenge, we are always on the lookout for how to work together to solve it. Organizational support goes a long way to help, but there are more ways to get involved.

Individuals While we do not actively recruit agents due to the sensitive and private nature of our work, if you want to support the network there are still a variety of ways to get involved.

  • • Filling out our Online Abuse study: We are conducting an informal, long-term study to help us find more ways we can help combat the issue of online abuse. Even if you've never been targeted by it yourself or come to us for help, that can still be very useful data. Click here to participate.

  • • Spreading the Word: Our resources can only help people if they know they're there. We are active on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, where we frequently post calls to action, updates, and new resources.
  • Think there's another way you could help? Feel free to contact us at info [at] and get the conversation going!